A strategic marketing agency based in Tokyo,
working worldwide.

Who We are

As an innovative marketing group,
our mission is to create lasting value.


CtoC Live Commerce Business / ASP Business / Media Trend Analysis Business / Consumer Research Business / Real Estate Agent / Brokerage Business / Temporary Staffing Business

About a decade ago, media companies began offering a self-serve system for advertisers. Most companies now release their own advertisements, so agencies that only create advertisements have lost much of their purpose.
In response to this situation, we have developed three innovative solutions as part of our new approach to building value.

The first is Re:Marketing, in which we provide all of the services traditionally performed by a marketing department.
With our second solution, Re:Branding, our planners develop marketing strategies that reflect their deep understanding of media and trends.
And through our Re:Affiliate services, we take the lead in developing strategies for the C-to-C era in which individuals have retailing power.

By building on these three powerful solutions, we drive corporate growth and develop effective businesses, all with a focus on value creation.


Our marketing managers, based around a core that honed their skills at Procter & Gamble, craft high-quality plans that are put into action through a flexible and efficient organization. And by implementing the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to ensure continuous improvement, we achieve a level of agility that is unprecedented in the industry. By keeping pace with emerging trends, we can provide your business with relevant and broad-based support.


We use our marketing expertise to take on the challenge of nurturing new businesses.

To ensure we offer our clients our undivided attention, we cap the number of partners we work with every year.
In short, we exist to build value.


We provide the growth drivers that corporations require by building on the collective knowledge and expertise of our staff, many of whom have experience at respected listed businesses and global corporations.



We believe that products and services that demonstrate excellence offer the promise of lasting prosperity. In order to forge these assets into viable businesses, we listen to our clients’ needs and assist them in making critical decisions.
We take this approach because we believe that wise decision-making establishes the foundation for growth.
We invite you to partner with us in creating a marketing strategy to turn your vision into a world-changing enterprise.