We spark transformative growth in our customers’ businesses through cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Our Strategy

We remain committed to creating value that contributes to the growth of our clients’ businesses across multiple areas.
In addition to providing expertise in each field, we aim to spark transformative growth through cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Our company is divided into two divisions:
a cash flow creation division, supported from Japan; and a permanent value creation division, which is active around the globe.


Remain In is poised on the cutting edge of the digital transformation of marketing.
For us, understanding complex trends involving influencers, social media, and direct-to-consumer paradigms is a matter of course. We have expertise across all marketing roles and offer integrated support from the development of company-wide strategies to implementation and analysis. We also have experience creating businesses from the ground up.

Black Infinite, Inc.

Confectionery Business

Our confectionery business manufactures and sells lollipops.
This business takes advantage of mass-consumption products, characterized by contact with many users, for marketing that converts the fan base into an intellectual property business. Asia, primarily Japan

Delicious in Japan, Inc.

Inbound Media Business

A media business targeting foreign tourists that stokes desire to travel to Japan while handling reservations in a single streamlined service. Starting with cuisine, which is a major tourist draw, we aim to seize the largest share of tourists visiting Japan by using the advantages of specialized services combined with marketing via social media and our wide array of capabilities.

Renegades' Music, Inc.

Artist Branding/Marketing Partnerships

The spread of music distribution services and social media has accelerated the trend of artists managing their own careers. We address the distortions of this industry and provide the services of both record company and management company by serving as a branding and marketing partner for individual artists. Our goal is to nurture potential stars and shift the industry in the new era.

Golden Hour, Inc.

Cosmetic Medicine Business

Our marketing boutique provides comprehensive support for all essential clinic operations, including branding, attracting customers, strengthening sales, and meeting accounting standards. We also develop and provide original medical slimming methods that integrate medicine, kinesiology, nutrition, and psychology.

Borderless Choice, Inc.

Logistics Business

Our software-as-a-service business provides digital solutions for purchasing and sales in the global marketplace.