CMO/Marketing Department/Advertising Agency

We spark transformative growth in our customers’ businesses through cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Remain In is poised on the cutting edge of the digital transformation of marketing.


Implementing Influencer Strategies

Remain In provides management agency services with a variety of web and social media advertising channels by featuring influencers. We also provide support with a focus on marketing strategies.
We devise strategies optimized for constantly changing consumer habits/trends.
To maintain quality and achieve timely results, this division limits the number of contracts it takes on each year.

Marketing Support Grounded in Planning

Why choose us

Understanding complex trends involving influencers, social media, and direct-to-consumer paradigms is a matter of course. We have expertise across all marketing roles and offer integrated support from development of company-wide strategies to implementation and analysis.



  • Business strategies
  • Brand strategies
  • Product development
  • Market research
  • Marketing strategies
  • Workshops


  • Communications
  • Communications
  • Promotional plans
  • PR planning
  • Digital planning
  • Media planning
  • Activation planning


  • Copywriting
  • Product naming
  • Graphic design
  • Digital design
  • Movie planning
  • Casting


  • Graphic production
  • Movie production
  • Media buying
  • Internet advertising
  • Tie-ups
  • Printing
  • Campaign implementation and management
  • Event construction and management


  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Analyses
  • Management of websites and social media
  • Replanning

Our Services

Digital Ad Planning

After analyzing market trends, industries, and products, we propose optimized advertising strategies that build on our years of investment experience. To support our clients’ businesses, we provide comprehensive support ranging from account design to implementation.

Social Media Strategies

Expanding awareness and promoting sales through social media - indispensable for branding and sales promotion today - is an essential part of what we do.

UGC Planning

By accumulating positive signals from users who are the key to growth in various social media accounts, we can propel account growth.
We offer a means of linking user-generated content to sales through the power of engagement.

Media Planning

We employ our own analysis system for influencers specializing in each genre to identify engagement rates, gender ratios, follower attributes, and other metrics. We can then suggest the optimal influencer arrangements to our customers. We have access to influencers across a wide variety of genres, from top-ranked and widely known individuals to influencers with a minimal following who are more like members of the general public. We can provide flexible combinations to meet specific needs.

Public Relations Events

Working closely with our Real Estate Department, we can secure locations perfect for any venue.
This allows us to transform content into brand assets by continuously monitoring impact and suggesting improvements.