Board Members


After graduating from Waseda University, he joined KEYENCE Corporation, holding positions in consulting, sales, and management.
After developing a digital transformation service business, he was appointed COO of Remain In, Inc. in December 2021. He was in charge of corporate growth and business development in the advertising agency business, and was appointed CEO of Remain In, Inc. in August 2022.


In 2016, after working as a lead analyst at a business venture in the medical field with a market capitalization of 3 trillion yen, he was put in charge of sales, marketing, management, human resources, and business development at a listed media company. He co-founded Remain In, Inc. in April 2021, after working as a business consultant in organizational development in 2020.


After graduating from Keio University, he joined Jigen Holdings. After working as the youngest head of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, he joined a major management consulting firm, working as a consultant supporting growth and organizational development for residential real estate and tech companies. He was involved in more than 50 projects. He joined Remain In, Inc. in March 2022.